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What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine - an innovative approach that combines medical knowledge and equipment in conjunction with the information and communication technologies to carry out a survey, observation and treatment at your home with ConnectExpert - telemedicine platform

The life expectancy has increased in Europe, and, at the same time, increases the number of people suffering from one or more chronic diseases. The need to provide long-term care aid led to the development of new methods that allow treatment and observe the patient at home. Using electronic means communication, telemedicine is revolutionizing the approaches by which carried out medical care.

The following are examples of telemedicine services: • Video conference with a medical professional allows you to consult a doctor online at video channel, reducing the number of visits to the clinic or hospital.

• Record symptoms on an electronic device in your home. Symptoms and testimony of a medical device (such as peak flow, spirometry, whereby studied lung function) can be registered electronically using a computer with a touch screen, or a device similar to a mobile phone. This method allows Collect important information about how the disease affects your state when performing daily activities, at home or abroad. Readings can be sent to your doctor, who can determine whether you require a change of treatment. You can also set your doctor questions about the results of the measurements that you have recorded.

• Training programs and self-help. New technologies can also be used to help you learn more about the disease: you will be able to share their knowledge and experience with others found themselves in a similar situation. This practice is known as "mutual support and exchange of experience. " It recognizes the value of experience gained in the fight against the disease, and provides the ability to obtain information about the disease firsthand. Technology can also help Effective self-help using systems that are able to interpret your results and help identify potential problems at an early stage and learn to deal with them.

• Medical information online. More and more people are using the Internet to obtain health information. This can be a very valuable resource, but it is always important to check the accuracy and reliability information provided at the medical site. You can also create an account in social networks, which often already exist groups for people with these diseases.

• Call Centers. An increasing number of information centers providing health information over the phone. Such services enable health workers to determine who needs urgent help, and for whom will be quite appropriate consultation by phone.

The above examples illustrate only some of the features Telemedicine, which will help you acquire greater independence and will enable better control and manage their condition. Lear more at