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What is an electronic cigarette

What is an electronic cigarette
Even back in 2003 in Hong Kong has been patented a unique device - the electronic cigarette. Outwardly, this cigarette is completely mimics the good old days "harmful" cigarettes.

For electronic cigarettes

Its structure is surprisingly simple. In a stainless steel cylinder is atomizer that during tightening of the liquid evaporates from the removable cartridge. This liquid, turning into steam, fully recreates the smoking process - the smoker inhales the smoke and nicotine and satisfy their physical (nicotine addiction), and psychological (the process of smoking) need. Simply put, you smoke the electronic cigarette just as usual, and much of the thrill of smoking are the same. The only difference is that the electronic cigarette does not contain the dangerous 4,000 chemicals that are found in the usual cigarette. At first glance, a wonderful thing - and do not need to give up smoking and health safe. Is it really tried to understand.

The use of e-cigarettes
E sigaretaBezopasnost. According to the producers of this new product, the electronic cigarette is harmless. In a removable cartridge is only nicotine (or is not, if you choose a non-nicotine), flavors and some auxiliaries. In the e-cigarette no resins, metals, nitrogen oxides, free radicals, and many other harmful substances for human health.

Economy Rejecting the conventional cigarettes in favor of electronic, solid money you save. This is especially true of people who smoke a lot (2-3 packs a day). The electronic cigarette have to spend only one day remaining costs depend on you. You can buy replacement cartridges or, certainly cheaper to buy liquor, which will top up existing removable cassette. Before choosing one please read e cigarette reviews.

Tribute habits. There are people who want, but can not quit. And in spite of the existing dependence on nicotine, they can not give up just from the ritual of smoking. And here enters the electronic cigarette. I know a few smokers who thanks to her gradually reduced the dose of nicotine and are much less likely to smoke.

Harmless to others. Yes, smoking electronic cigarettes, you can even on the plane - they are not a fire hazard, their smoke is non-toxic, no odor (it is, but it is very weak). From electronic cigarettes do not yellow teeth, things do not stink and hands.

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