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Rotterdam Laboratory

Rotterdam (Rotterdam to the Dutch:) is the largest port in Europe

Rotterdam (Rotterdam to the Dutch:) is the largest port in Europe and the second largest port in the world. The city and the port of Rotterdam in the Dutch province of South Holland, located in the country. The population of Rotterdam in March 2010, equal to the area of 425 people had 603. section Rotterdam square kilometers. More than half the city's residents are of foreign descent. Rotterdam is the second largest city of the country after Amsterdam the Netherlands and with Tokyo as the world's largest port. Its strategic position in the Delta of the Rhine "-MOSS-askhald» on the European North Sea and in the heart of a dense system of railways, roads and air routes and blue has caused to the city dubbed the" gateway to Europe ". Rotterdam is also for the sake of being Erasmus University town, chandfarhangh, modern architecture, the bombing of Rotterdam in World War I, and its river side perspectives.

Rotterdam in the West of Holland and randstad urban area "macro in the South». Urban area "macro-Rotterdam-» scontgahi who constantly makes up a total of 1.3 million inhabitants. The city of Rotterdam on the river bank, nowa Moss. The Rhine River at this location to the North Sea. The name of this town means dam (dam) on the river. Reta is a small river that is at the center of the city of retrdam to nowa Moss joins. The initial settlement at this location that the ina at the most point next to the River, "ruteh post" was the least (Rotte) to the year 900 ad. Ruteh Creek from the Everglades passed and name it means that in the old ruteh Rota (Rotta) was pronounced as "muddy water" means. The term rota of two sections of Ruth (muddy) and «a» (water).

In about the year 1150 the great flood caused the end of the development of the settlements, but people in this place the protective dams and several khakrizhai, including which of the askhiland on high sea dike "» (Dutch: Schielands Hoge Zeedijk) named" along the northern shore of the nowa Moss» was made today. On 7 June 1340 Rotterdam Willem IV of Holland, Kenneth city, and gave the right to being the city's population at that date was announced about two thousand people. Around the year 1350 a shipping channel called the "rotrdamsah askhi" (in Dutch: Rotterdamse Schie) found that opening of the access road to larger towns located in the North of Rotterdam was acquired and the city has become the center of downloads and barandazai the Netherlands, England and Germany. During the years gone to the importance of the port of Rotterdam was added so that as the seat of one of the six Dutch East India Company, "the room".