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Extract of green coffee beans

As recently revealed in green (not roasted) coffee beans contain a substance that promotes rapid weight loss effective.

Green coffee extract significantly reduces the feeling of hunger. Furthermore, it helps to efficiently accelerate metabolism. Is an increase in energy consumption. He also has a diuretic effect, stimulates the central nervous system, energizing and eliminates sleepiness.

Flavored beverage can only be obtained after subjecting roasted coffee fruit tree at a temperature of approximately 250C - as a result of heat treatment in the grains forms a complex chemical compounds, give the beverage flavor toning properties, and discovered in recent years, the ability to reduce risk of diabetes and ischemic strokes.

However, when roasted grains almost completely destroyed chlorogenic acid - a powerful antioxidant that blocks in the human body the ravages of free radicals. Compensate for this lack of coffee drinks, you can use coupon extracts from unroasted coffee fruit.

As the scientists from the United States, receiving the extract of green coffee beans contributes to a significant weight loss in people who are overweight.

The experiment was conducted by researchers from the American University of Scranton (University of Scranton).
A group of volunteers numbering 16 people aged 22 to 26 years took capsules of the extract of green coffee beans for 22 weeks. All volunteers were obese. The control group of the same size took placebo capsules.
The authors studied the effects on the body different daily doses of the extract - from 700 mg to 1050 mg. During the experiment, for the sake of his "purity" of the participants did not change any habitual diet or exercise regime.

After the experiment, it was found that the members of the experimental group lost an average of 22 weeks of 7.7kg. At the same time there was a significant decrease in body fat in the waist area.
Weight loss was observed in members of the control group as well as when receiving the lowest dose of the extract of green coffee beans.

"The extract of unroasted coffee beans, and more precisely of chlorogenic acid contained in them, reduces the absorption of glucose and fat in the gut, and also reduces the level of insulin than improved overall metabolic process in the body", - Professor explains Joe Vinson (Joe Vinson), head of the experiment.