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Five Steps to get loan

The question is how to get a loan guarantee of concern to many borrowers. How can increase the chances of approval of the proposal? What should I put in the application and how to behave when visiting a bank? Let's look at how to ensure that you receive credit.

Five Steps to get loan
Step 1: Meet on clothes

The first and very important point is your appearance when visiting a bank. Before your application is considered, the credit manager forms the idea of ​​you as a potential borrower. Clear speech and neat appearance - and the first plus in your pocket.

Step 2: Prepare

Before going for a loan, know the answers to questions that you can ask: the full name of the employer, address, form of income verification, phone numbers - mobile, home and work, the purpose of the cash advance loan online. The clearer your answers, the higher the chances of getting a loan.

Step 3: Calculate for yourself

Often the cause of a failure on the part of the bank is at an elementary inconsistency in the application of these values. That is, if you ask for money from the bank debt, make, indicating that the amount of income you will allow you to pay your loan.

To do this, from the wages should be deducted all payments on your other loans (if any), and other mandatory payments (alimony, rents), the minimum subsistence level for you and for each dependent child. The remaining amount must cover your future monthly payment.

Step 4: Choosing a bank

Learn in advance the requirements of the bank in which you intend to apply, and is guaranteed to get a loan. For example, some banks require that the borrower has been registered for a distance not more than 50 km from one of the offices. Some do not accept help in the form of the bank as proof of income. Therefore, if an employer pays you a salary gray, then this criterion should be approached with great care.

Step 5: Insurance

Connecting to the borrower's insurance program is not mandatory criterion for the approval of your loan application. However, banks are interested in the fact that the maximum number of disbursed loans were insured. That is why they are sympathetic to customers who are ready to take that step.