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Possibly one of the best strategy games online

Valve is not a company that usually launch games all the time or it gets out very often the fees settled with Half-Life and Portal few years back, but when put to work is always reason to be vigilant. Dota 2, his latest creation, takes a lot of time in the kitchen despite not being a game that follows the same trend of the action or adventure, however it has won a large number of players in recent months and has grown to the point of hosting a third international tournament with prizes millionaires.

This of MOBA, acronym Anglo multiplayer online battle arena games basically trying to destroy the enemy base located on one side of a map. In Dota 2, which follows the same style, you control only one character unique features within a team of 5 players per side, each with the opportunity to improve their level and skills through experience points. It is not something new, the concept gained fame at the time of Warcraft III mod as during the previous decade, but Dota 2 transforms the same concept in a very complete package of high quality and completely free.

Is it simply the concept of MOBA? At first glance, yes, until you walk into Dota 2. The game seems only provide a visual repetition of a particular mechanics in each game session, but that's just the tip of the iceberg during the first few games. Once gradually you manage to assimilate what you have in front and what role you play in the field (depending on various factors) hardly want to miss the great game that has manufactured dota 2 bets.

Admittedly input presentation Dota 2 from Valve is fully developed, so that instead of feeling like a "free" game is perceived as a product that should be priced somewhere, but for some reason is not. That price does not involve the entrance to the game itself, but purely aesthetic items with varied -some affordable costs, others to think. These articles also apply to couriers (messengers) new, commentators or even new interfaces for the game. The latter two share them in a game for all to use. Almost everything can be bought, except the possibility of having an advantage.

Graphically the game does not require too much and looks decent even in the lowest quality, but it is advisable to always have a recent to enjoy better graphics chip. I tried it on a computer with a GeForce 9400 GT, and is the limit of what is acceptable visually without losing so fluidly-considering it was connected to a 1080p display. The sound is equally great, denoting high production in various corners. A highlight are the many lines that add up each hero, along with several other commentators integration. Those are things that are appreciated in Dota 2 to not make you a boring experience after a few games, even if you have no money in your account to spend.

The game part with about 100 heroes, each at your disposal with different skills, abilities and roles that make them unique to the game, so you can not choose one twice (and if so, you start with less and less gold) . The number sounds overwhelming, but variety is the taste. Most have a strong point that stands out above the rest and useful skills at times forcing each character to meet one or two papers. There are heroes who are good to start a hand-to-hand fight, leading the team to victory through distant and specific battles, while others are a great help to support in a fight between several and not let escape to none. .. or otherwise allow breathing time to regain strength. Therefore, it is easy to have in a game some "Nemesis", a player who exploits the weakness of your character. Killed by someone you have problems if it is a recurring phenomenon: the higher your level, the limit is 25, more have to wait to appear on the battlefield. Extreme case: 100 seconds.

The games, far from being short, have a huge variation in time. A normal session tends to last between 20 and 45 minutes, and really there are few games short life due to lack of experience on the team on the opposite (or yours), but it is also rare to be the victim of a relentless war on the hour and split with markers tight. It all depends on how the game will take and how opportunities are seized. Once a game suffered an hour and a half, but that time was flying in Dota 2.

Turning to the weaknesses and skills, these can be covered in part or enhance buying items of different types. Toppling towers, direct or neutral opponents, or the same heroes contrary, they have their reward in gold, while if you die you will be subtracted and lose time to level up and also generate coins. As're thinking, the game tends to penalize and reward of greatly, and the bad of you and your team pay dearly decisions. The death of heroes is very important, their time of absence means that the group will have fewer resources to defend or attack, however it is possible to "buy" a ticket to the game instantly. Gold plays an important role here and you have to choose wisely spend it or save it before (or after) you killed.

One thing that pleases the game and transactions within the game is that there are several items that are used for certain times and that can be very useful when you notice a pattern. From the Guardian Sentinel to see hidden enemies lurking until rare to improve your individual statistics gems, the game offers several options to counter the strengths of the enemy or uprightly get more out of certain situations. Even, you can "upgrade" by combining objects with others in something more powerful and advanced the game to not leave a lot of gold without being used in your wallet.

Another tactic suit coat has to do with the map, which is always the same and so far only has the cycle of day and night every 6 minutes (game element that affects the range of vision), and although strange something variety in this sense, the above serves to familiarize rookies much better with the game. There are several ways to attack from the rear, surprise and catch a rival group, which gives dynamic and insecurity to a game that seem to have quietly controlled. Often tight or disadvantaged parties can have a critical setback in a given time. Usually each match is a very simple rule: the closer you are to the game, the harder it is to beat the enemy base reaction confined space have to turn the tables. At least they go where Roshan, killed, and have a gem of resurrection, is the pass that manages to do more harm and attempt to delete the opposing team for a few seconds to push the lines ... All this makes sense when you already have some items in Dota 2.

That is all? No, not all. Something that adds even more depth to the game is the theft of deaths or deny towers. Robar deaths is a relatively unjust thing: give the final blow to an enemy (or hero) rewards the perpetrator rather than the caregiver. Moreover, denying towers or creeps, these little elves coming out of the base, tends to be a good point to prevent the otherwise all the gold is kept. Techniques are rarely seen outside the professional world, but little valid to lose rather than lose a lot.

Surely you'll be understanding that in Dota 2 coordination group is synonymous with success, and that you will not go wrong. Pushing, fight, grouped, beat in the rear, wait, lock and make wise use of your powers are obligations to ensure that you do not wander into a game. Also, you must keep in mind all the time not put aside the priorities of the game: beat the rival base and not kill heroes. The latter is only a means, not an end. Dota 2 knows that having a group of friends is a strong point, and lets you search team games, to the ability to create your own company set to participate in tournaments, of which there are almost none in Latin America easily accessible.

Dota 2 is a wise game and very well done from the inside out. The problem of disconnections, both friends and rivals, is well fixed in the frame as possible. If you lose your connection to the game you have 5 minutes to re-enter, otherwise ruin the game for everyone. After the set time is taken as abandonment and are queued low priority for a day or more, which means that you immerse yourself in an integrated by several players with the same (or more serious) problems pool. In other words, you will have to wait longer to find someone to play and not win points on your profile.

Not that finding a game is difficult at all. Usually waiting to find 9 players more delay is short and no more than 4 minutes approximately, depending on the modes and regions in which you want to participate. The game modes are simply variations on how to choose the heroes from all available and in order of choice, from "random" and "discard", to one where you can not play with the 40 heroes who most've played as a way to encourage players to not only control a single character, but to have others who can replace the first choice. Even more so when you look at the opposing team have at your archrival, or you can choose a character that can exploit any weakness of the opponents.

Yes, the game is tactically deep, but nothing too hard to understand. there are ways to counteract the movement of the opponent, and usually not always update a skill is priority over another. There is in existence a fairly explanatory tutorial for novices who meets teach the basics; however, the next step is in the games against the computer, either alone or with the help of someone else, to explore the different options you have at your disposal. It shows too when a player controls a hero well in online games, for making stupid decisions many times, but nothing that can not be improved. Learning to play with a character is an obligation, and ask for help on how to do it, too, but do not expect good reception if you enter a public game and give juice because you do not know how to play. If that's not enough, there are small mini-guides within the game that can help you choose the best items and abilities to your character.

What we have to improve before entering any match is your accuracy and speed with the mouse, besides having good fingers to use keyboard shortcuts. The difference of a pixel can be decisive when removing someone or become flesh of prey. In fact, once I made an Ultimate to a creep without wanting wanting.

VALVE means quality.
As I said a few paragraphs above, in addition to an official store to buy purely cosmetic items, Dota 2 supports Steam Workshop for content creators also put on sale something much like Team Fortress 2. Ranging works to this you can also sell the things you need at a reasonable price, buy keys to the chests you win as you level out of the game, or straight save you the trouble and take the chests directly from the store. You will also be making things totally random after completing some items, so not everything comes to buying other companies as they try. It's hard to be so lucky as to find something unusual, but the discomfort you can save by buying it on the official store.

Dress your character with complete packages is quite entertaining. More than once I received supplements by the arc of Drow Ranger. See someone dedicates a few dollars a character also serves to intimidate rival: not any loose bills to improve a hero with which does not play often, right?

Speaking about the community, Dota 2 lets you rate games according to how entertaining it was, as players report for bad or good behavior. Cansa see players asking for a thumb up or down after a game as if the matter was simply because, and it is advisable to only do it when you feel someone deserves it, like to report those who take advantage of chat for downloading against the rest. But yes, reports and commendations are limited.

Dota 2 is quite flexible despite being purely an online experience, it depends entirely on the availability of Dota 2 Network for multiplayer games. If you can not connect to the network you can play in "Offline Mode" to practice alone against the computer. On the issue of signal delay, depending on the server, you can have a decent ping under 100ms, and at other times as high as the parabolic mountains. But nothing severely affects the experience of playing Dota 2. Even if you do not have internet for a moment, can practice with a character who does not know to use. There are also other good things to note, as the ability to look at other items while waiting in line or download replays of some recent wars and then reproduce them.