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Drugs and their use

Are Drugs useful?

Bio-medical technology has numerous applications in which perhaps the most important indicator of its recombinant drugs production and the most that can be produced through genetic engineering. some of these drugs only through genetic engineering is getting prepared to be [DNA]. That is another way to toolidshan there is some drugs if you produce with bio-technology cheaper, more safe and more sure. for example, if hepatitis B vaccine (that is, from birth to age 19 struck) is not possible through genetic engineering, the production of the pollution they are there. Some of the clotting factor like haemophilia patients drugs are also produced through genetic engineering. this type of medications is usually through an additional blood collected by the Iranian blood transfusion organization providing the possibility of becoming infected with HIV and hepatitis viruses are B and C.

But now that genetic engineering methods preparing reckoning would be so much more and so much less khatrsh.the production of some of the other drugs is the result of genetic engineering and other techniques to produce them at all, there are numerous other drugs like entrfron and some of which are fortunately in. Other medical byofnaori application in the next production of kits and diagnostic applications, for example, substances that are enzymes such as single-plymraz to detect genetic diseases goes to work. In any case a great transformation in the area of bio-medical technology in the past 30 years have created a more brilliant future for the world and will bring.

Another scheme called the human genome sequencing that exists based on it in the future anyone can seed your genome with less cost to the specified seed. Genome sequencing in the 90's each cost about $ 3.5 billion, was a man but today it costs about 10 to 20 thousand dollars has dropped. in the near future can be much less costly genome map as a whole every man prepared and administered by that smart drugs vmaqdar bamarmashkhs it for each person. Aspect medical digrahmet byofnaori, bio-informatics bio-information is the computer technology that will help make the likelihood of disease before getting sick people predict and this will be a huge transformation in the medical and treatment costs will be low. Genetic engineering what is the difference with bio-tech? Genetic engineering is a tool for the bio-tech industry.

The desired gene in our genetic engineering of plant or animal apart and make it through the methods of genetic engineering we moved to naqlin and then the animals can become drug manufacturer. this type of animal transgenesis goat transgenesis have, for example, a name could be drshiri that a certain drug will produce. Now there is this technology in the country. This type of animals they znik Terrence drug treatment for osteoporosis in their milk production. now the investigation is in progress and even mice with this feature. These animals become drug manufacturing plant. In the world there are a lot of animals with this property. The manufacturing complex in Pasteur Institute in Karaj in yeast for bread-making now is a kind of production that is produced with the same way.

Research and construction. In addition to making tools, science and medicine to nanodaro structures are related, and in its subcategories to cure certain ailments and surgery is also sensitive and professional. Of course, not to use the Nano medicine that this knowledge directly in production and build your drug is involved, but in how to watch it in the body are affected and this increases the Bioavailability of the drug (s). Based on this action doctors can deliver medication to the point that the body needs it, not that of the other ways like the stomach part of it to the affected part. That is why the ability to treat more cancers. Nanodaro researchers with knowledge can be a specific method to treat types of cancer. This particular method without the full details of this case is that by injecting the drug into the body, drugs to cancer cells in a gathering point and prevent the spread of it elsewhere, and after a while the cancer cells are killed at the same location and without the infected person to another location, the cancer disappears. Now this method is used for the treatment of various tumors.