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What does it Mean to Participate in Relays and Other Breast Cancer Events?

Believe it or not, participating in relays, fun runs, and other breast cancer events for your favorite breast cancers charities like the Breast Cancer Society is not only good for the community and women who have breast cancer, but it is also potentially very good for you in more ways than one. These are just a few of the things it means for you to participate in these events.

Reduce Your Risks of Developing Breast Cancer

Most women do not dive into a 5k or fun run and make it a one day effort. Most of the time you spend weeks, if not months, leading into each even you participate in. What this means for you is that you’re getting regular exercise and that’s better than you realize.

Countless studies have been conducted and concluded that moderate to vigorous exercise for three or more hours each week results in a 30 to 40 percent reduction of developing breast cancer.

What this means is that as little as thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise can substantially reduce your risks for developing breast cancer.

Raise Money for Your Favorite Breast Cancer Charities

At the end of the day, this is probably the number one reason most women (and men) participate in these runs and races. It is often out of a desire to help these worthy causes raise the dollars so desperately needed to keep things going for the people they help.

When it comes to breast cancer charities, many people are surprised to learn, though, that not all of them actually use any of the money gathered to help the women who have breast cancer today. In fact, many have their sights focused firmly on finding a cure.

Look for organizations like the Breast Cancer Society where your donations can do real good for real women who have this disease today with money, personal care products, prosthetics, non-medical personal assistance, and more.

Opportunity to Pay it Forward

Whether you’re someone who has suffered from breast cancer of you love someone who has (most of us apply to one of these categories), the opportunity to pay forward the care and kindness others have shown to you or the people you love while undergoing cancer treatment is a really good thing on an emotional and spiritual level.

Simple acts of kindness like raising money for just causes like helping people who are in need feel as good for you as they do for the people on the receiving end of that kindness.

When all is said and done, it means everything to participate in breast cancer events like these. There are very few ways you can give back to the community and people within your community that provides such an outstanding return on investment – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You simply cannot go wrong with great gestures like this.

The only questions remaining at this point are when will you make your next breast cancer event and which breast cancer organizations will benefit from your generosity?