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Drugs made in best labs

According to the definition of drug in the medical profession to physicians, substances are said to be able to cure or stop the disease or cause removal of disease symptoms and heal the pain.

Drugs in the past, most cases of plants, and in some cases extracted from animals. Five thousand years ago the Chinese medicinal properties of herbs found and used them, and little by little in the world is also becoming more common. But today, most medications can be made from the chemical process and many drugs are synthetic forms of materials that exist in nature. however still a few important medicine plant and animal origin. How drugs are approved?

Any new drug before they enter the realm of the production of a detailed training course and testing stages that often for approximately 8 to 10 lasts a year should be over and when it was confirmed the safety of drug consumption drug manufacturer is allowed that the drug under the trade name as a marketed drug consumption must be safety. of course, in many different ways including repeated tests on animals Or the man volunteered to be part of the drug, proven fruition. Naming drugs All public use and common means, which totaled 5,000 different medicinal substance is principally with three proprietary names are specified 1 generic name of the drug: _ the scientific name of the drug 2 _ the brand name of the drug: a drug that is the name of the factory of the manufacturer of the drug to be chosen 3 _ chemical formula chemical name of the drug: the constituent elements of the drug Methods of taking medication 1 _ the most common oral consumption: drug use practices that can be absorbed through the intestinal wall and blood flow.

2 _ taken from a drug injection injection: one of the reasons for a fast response of the drug in the body. 3 the sublingual pills _ should be swallowed up fast: by covering the mouth is rich in blood vessels that enter the blood stream. 4 _ taken from the anal way: as a suppository that is on the inside of the anus and rectum is placed immediately absorb the flow of blood. Topical treatment: 5-use topical skin infections and irritations, such as nasal congestion and other items prescribed, and the different forms that include ointments, creams, lotions, eye and ear drops, etc.

Estimated that out of every 10 people that the drug be administered them 4 people not taking it correctly the reasons for this may include understanding the false fear of side effects, and lack of motivation taking command of forgetting that mostly after elimination disease symptoms. Taking prescribed medication in the prescribed time, in accordance with the order of a physician responsible for the patient. If a physician orders the medication with food or without food, it would have to be adhered to the maximum benefits be achieved drug therapy Some of the drugs are consumed with an empty belly should be quicker absorption of blood flow, and some should be consumed with food to hans the stomach do not stimulate the need of eating foods with awkward drug avoided, for example, milk and dairy products can prevent the absorption of some medications are in the meantime can also juice some antibacterial drugs in the stomach breaks down and prevents the effect of medication.In French, the word ethics means the customs and traditions are also used.

Larousse dictionary definition (le Petit Larousse) of Ethics: Morale in Latin (mores, mœurs): Codes of conduct and values that a society as the norm is known. The ultimate goal of the theory of human behavior Ntayjh practical purposes story Prosperity doctrine and procedures to achieve this goal Particular set of behavioral rules Also of Robert France (Le Petit Robert) is defined as follows: Ethics: the science of good and bad conduct; theory of human behavior to achieve tasks as well. Science of morals, a collection of various forms of mood, behavior definition. Morality is often associated with a traditional idealized model (County) between what is and what ought to be, makes a distinction, while customs and traditions associated with a materially oriented model (Aspynvzy) seeks only to advance the facts available to achieve universal happiness through rational behavior.

View Drstrftary (déontologie), about the ethics of tasks that must be performed in a professional, will be discussed. In terms of general and technical language is used to denote the three ethics * Creating the mood, character, Sjyh, get * one, and it is moral. Moral character: the moral act in a certain condition, the subconscious, and if * such generosity and lying Moral action: The action that we can not judge whether it is good or bad. A deliberate or involuntary and spontaneous (in a mood) is. As a matter of lying.