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Free Bankruptcy lawyer

In recent years, as business owners and creditors, who must organization funds are increasingly faced with the bankruptcy of enterprises and organizations.

The bankruptcy procedure is quite complicated, only one Law On Insolvency (Bankruptcy) consists of more than 150 articles. Also there is an extensive jurisprudence on bankruptcy.

In such cases, a bankruptcy lawyer (attorney bankruptcy), which provides legal services in bankrostva.

What services can offer our lawyers (attorneys) in bankruptcy?

Services provided by lawyers for bankruptcy can be divided into several types.

Firstly bankruptcy lawyers can provide legal assistance to a debtor who is in the verge of bankruptcy. In this case, the bankruptcy lawyers can provide advice, specifying methods of liquidation of the debtor on his own initiative, in particular under the simplified procedure. And also advise on the application of the debtor for bankruptcy by the general procedure. Timely action to apply for their own bankruptcy would prevent negative consequences for executives and business owners. Many, without consulting a lawyer bankruptcy, miss time for application and then begin to bankrupt debtor has its lenders that provide them the appointment supervised arbitration manager, and he, in turn, begins to challenge transactions of the debtor and take other measures, including those aimed at involvement of management and founders of the debtor to criminal liability.

Secondly free bankruptcy lawyer can accompany the entire bankruptcy procedure. Typically for this bankruptcy attorney enters into an agreement with the liquidator, if they appoint the debtor entity (as it will be with proper conduct preliminary activities). At the same lawyers, attorneys, bankruptcy is always a familiar arbitration managers with whom they work for many procedures that allows a bankruptcy and competently as possible in the interests of the client, while not breaking the law.

Third bankruptcy lawyers can provide legal assistance to persons before whom their counterparts are in arrears if conventional measures to ensure its collection (the direction of the claim, obtaining a judgment and appeal to the court bailiffs) failed, or if there is information that the organization has no cash balances, but there is concealed the property, or if the organizations leadership pursued a dubious transactions asset, which can be challenged in bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition, often the fact filing for bankruptcy leads to the fact that the debtor fear of negative consequences, extinguishes the debt. In this case, the bankruptcy lawyer work is only to write a bankruptcy petition and submit it to the court, as well as in negotiating with the debtor.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Board Legal protection have extensive experience as a maintenance procedure of bankruptcy of the debtor or by creditors. Provides advice on the choice of the optimal scheme of liquidation with debts through bankruptcy (simplified or full procedure, the procedure is controlled by the creditor, etc.). Also, our bankruptcy lawyers together with arbitration managers can provide a full range of services for bankruptcy as on the application of the debtor and the creditor on the application. In addition, our lawyers provide bankruptcy services to represent the interests of creditors in the bankruptcy process that has already begun (application for inclusion in the register of creditors claims, actions challenging the arbitration manager, recovery of the current account).