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5 main rules for choosing a milk separator

Please note that the parameters described here are usually not published on sites and often even in manufacturers' instructions.

So, what you need to pay attention to when choosing a milk separator creamer.

Country of the separator

Choose only a domestic manufacturer that produces not only separators, but also other agricultural equipment for at least 5 years. The price they have is the same, but the quality and durability is several times lower than that of the domestic ones.

Material separator and separator drum - the smaller the plastic, the more reliable and durable

The main part of the separator is a drum with separator plates. The best option when they are made of metal. Cages of the separator, milk collector, receiver of cream and skim milk can be made both from plastic and metal. With careless use of plastic deformed and scratched, the metal in this respect is more resistant, but also heavier.

The diameter of the separator drum is not less than 11 cm

This parameter is one of the most important, it affects the fat content of the cream, the processing speed of milk and the possibility of separating goat's milk. The larger the diameter of the separator drum and, correspondingly, the size of the separator plates, the more fatty cream you can get at the outlet and the less often you need to stop the separator to wash the separator plates (usually every 15-30 liters). Buy cream separator you can in the online store.

Used internal motor - if you have unstable voltage in the house, do not take the separator with a valve motor (electronically controlled).

The motor determines the reliability of the electric separator for milk. Usually 2 types of motors are installed: valve (electronically controlled) or collector (with graphite brushes). The ventilation motors are very whimsical due to the presence of an electronic control board in them and can burn out at low voltage drops. In collector engines, e. the board is absent and they work without problems with voltage drops, but they have graphite brushes, which need to be changed about once every 8-10 years, the brushes themselves are sold in any market and cost. Collector engines have proven themselves as more reliable.

Warranty and spare parts - at least 1 year. parts

Now all manufacturers give a guarantee of not less than 12 months. But the main problem is the delivery of the devices to the service center and back. The cost of delivery can reach up to 50% of the cost of the separator itself. So just specify the conditions of repair and delivery from the seller. Be sure to pay attention to the availability of spare parts for the separator. 3 The most common problems are the accidental damage to the plastic separation plate, the lost adjusting screw and the leaky sealing ring. Without these details you can buy.

Other characteristics at the moment can be considered standard and, most importantly, they are usually published on the sites. They, too, should pay attention, although not as closely:- function of cleaning milk from contamination- drum speed- the number of separator plates in the drum- adjustment of the ratio of fat to return- fat content of skim milk (return)